Y LiskPool

SGDIAS Lisk Pool


SGDIAS delegate Gives Away 10% of all produced Lisks to all SGDIAS voters


- The maximum weight considered for a voter is 500000 Lisk, as an example: if a voter is voting with a weight of 1 million, his weight will be considered 500000 lisk for the calculations.
- The 10% of all produced Lisks is distribuited between all voters proporsional to their voting weight (limited as mentioned above).
- Transaction fee is deducted from the give away balance.
- Give away once per week.
- 1 Lisk minimum balance for giving away.
- An extra 8% of all produced Lisks is given away to GDT voters and to chosen donees that have been contributing to the Lisk ecosystem. For further information please visit: https://pool.liskgdt.net/

Disclaimer: Give away of produced Lisks shall not by any mean be deemed to be considered as payment for goods, services, votes or any other act or omission of the beneficiary. Voting for SGDIAS delegate or any GDT member is considered a voluntary and anonymous act unlinked from any promise or other contractual obligation. All Lisks given away are considered a gift to the SGDIAS voters community, GDT voters community and chosen donees that have been contributing to the Lisk ecosystem. Nothing stated herein shall be understood as a suggestion or proposal to make any commitment or produce any action and/or omission directed to voting in certain manner or not doing so.
The SGDIAS's POOL Policy does not represent a contractual obligation and is subject to change without notice.